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There is a clear purpose for this shelf, and everything is built around handling bottles and their sizes. This tutorial also involves using a dark stain with several coats of polyurethane over it. This will give your shelf a finished look, along with preserving it to last a lot longer. Complete with support beams, this shelf has a lot of customized components that you can add to it to give you more functionality. You can even add in a small compartment for all your socket organizers.

This set of pallet plans is super functional, giving you an easy-to-do DIY project that leaves you with a rustic series of shelves to act as your spice rack. This tutorial also gives you some create tips on stripping pallet wood of its nails with a circular saw and pry bar.

Supplies Needed:

It also goes ones step further by smoothing the rough wood with an electric planer. The creator did this project with her home brewing husband, and he used it to store empty or full beer bottles from this home brew. Whatever you elect to use the shelf for, we love that this tutorial gives you lots of pictures with measurements on them, and shows you how to mount something in a really sturdy fashion so it can hold weight. Related: Learn how to paint your lampshade in chalk paint with this cool DIY project.

So, technically not a pallet shelf… but we loved the look and feel so much we bent the rules a bit to include it on this list. The creator adds a little extra flair by stenciling in numbers onto the pallet wood, giving it an even more rustic look and charm. This kind of pallet shelf will nicely match your pallet bed project and give the room a rustic chic vibe. The author used their DIY creation outdoors in the yard as a garden wall , but did offer it up as a suitable indoor bookshelf as well. Where this article lacks on a step-by-step guide it makes up for with some very inspiring pictures.

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DIY Bookshelf – How To Build A Bookcase For Beginners

There are a few extra steps on this one compared to some others, but this gives you a more sturdy and robust finished product. Adding some wood glue to the project , held down to dry with some sturdy clamps , is a nice touch. This tutorial is made for you and combines the shelving with some of the same features as the coat hanger to offer you an area to hang your coffee cups from. Similar to a project above, this creator added stenciled letters to help define it as a coffee station. Use pallet wood to create a shelf that goes across your bath. This simple project gives you high functionality.

So many of these pallet shelf projects are larger and bulkier, which works fine for the rough cut wood. Rather than relying on the open shelf design, where you set items inside of the already-assembled pallet wood, this tutorial makes a boxy shelf to store and feature items on top. Finish it with a stain over the rough wood , or paint if preferred.

The author highlights an important aspect of this type of shelf, or any shelf for that matter. You have to pay attention to how you mount the shelving into the wall. This can be a great idea - there is nothing wrong with adding some supplemental wood to your project, especially if you have it left over from a previous project. It's worth noting how much easier DIY wood shelving projects are with an automatic pin nail gun. It allows you to quickly fire a few finishing nails in to hold everything together, while you then move on to heftier nails for the finished product.

This tutorial does a great job of actually having a variety of exact plans as a part of the construction. So many pallet projects for your home are rough by nature … pun intended. In addition, he makes uses of his miter saw. If you have a miter saw, this is a great way to utilize this power saw for building shelving. There are several different designs and styles all rolled into one tutorial here, so you can get inspiration for what you want, while also learning how to do it simultaneously. We like the use of angle brackets to help secure your shelving a bit.

You could really add this component to any of the plans you see in this article. The angle brackets will help to keep the pallet wood in place. Over time, this is an important addition. Wood glue is another example of this type of aid. Even more so, this specific one features a set of plans that only takes 10 minutes to construct. This design utilizes rope to hang the pallet shelves, which makes it both easier to make and hang , along with adding some rustic charm.

Finish it off by hanging a mason jar light or succulent from your new shelving. Not only do you have the shelf for holding a variety of wine bottles, but you also have storage for wine glasses that hang from the bottom of the pallet shelving. This tutorial adds both burlap and chicken wire to create a kitschy look and feel to an otherwise standard shelf. This tutorial is a little more involved than others, but you get a much higher quality finished product.

Additions such as industrial piping give this finished product a more modern look. While you could follow the instructions and paint the pallet wood a variety of colors , you could just as easily follow the plans and then brush on a polycrylic. Every one of these various pallet shelf projects offers a great approach, but here are the general steps you'll need to follow for every shelving project build:. If your pallet shelf project requires you to affix them to the wall, then you'll need to ensure you know how to hang these shelves.

Hanging pallet shelves is very easy, but you need to follow these steps so that your shelf doesn't fall down and rip part of your wall out:. Share Tweet Share Pin. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. DIY Candy. Practically Functional. I chose to use MDF to save money and I also had them cut it for me in the store to save time. To attach these side boards, you need to add some wood supports to the wall. Measure the distance from the back wall to the front of your bookcase.

You will need to cut three or four scrap boards to that length. Then nail them to the wall, nailing into a stud if possible.

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When you nail on your side boards, you will nail one side to the front of your bookcase and the other side to these wood supports. Measure the distance between the ceiling and the tops of your vertical supports. These should be at the lower edge of the top of the bookcases. Cut mdf or plywood to fit this area. If you have a very long wall of bookcases like me, you may need to use a couple of pieces of wood for this. You will need to attach some wood boards to the ceiling for support, similar to how we did it along the sides.

It would probably be a bit better to simply attach a couple of long boards along the ceiling instead of short pieces like I did, but mine is still quite secure.

You want to be sure to attach these so they are even with the front of the bookcases and give a flat surface to attach the facing to. Your MDF or plywood will rest on top of the vertical supports and be nailed to the tops of the bookcases as well as the top to these wood pieces attached to the ceiling. Now you can add base molding along the bottom of the whole thing and crown molding along the top. At this point you are so, so close to finishing. Caulk all of the seams. Caulking can be a major pain, but it really gives such a beautiful finished feel. Lastly, I decided on my shelf arrangement and filled all of the spare shelf holes with spackling.

This is such a small thing but it made an enormous difference in making this whole thing look like beautiful custom built ins and not furniture that came out of a box. I have more details and photos of the hole-filling process right here if you are interested.

How to Build Easy Built Ins from IKEA Bookcases - Lovely Etc.

Seriously, look what a difference it made! Here they are all loaded up with books and other things I love. Ready to see some more fabulous furniture flips? Follow the links below to see what the rest of The Furniture Flippers have been up to lately. These look really amazing. I have always wanted a wall of built ins and yours look so good.

Also, the tutorial was way helpful! These built ins look amazing! These look really great! My bookcases are just sitting in front of the wall begging to be placed neatly and firmly in place.

Yours look like they are truly built in. I would love this look with added cabinets and drawers. I have often pondered putting cabinets and bookcases together for a built in look. This gives me the inspiration to look into that further. Thanks so much for sharing your project and for the details and pictures of the process along the way. Thank you Barbara! I love the idea of combining cabinets and bookcases for hidden storage.

And I am glad my tutorial was helpful — this is the kind of thing where it really helps to see the process! Good luck with your bookcases. We have done this but wondering what you did at the seems where the bookcases are bumped against each other? Did the sparkle in the holes show up visually once it dried? Would love to see an up close picture of them where the seems and holes are. If you were to shine a light directly on the holes, you could probably see where the spackle is because it is more matte than the bookcase finish.

Carrie, your built in bookcases look incredible!!! You included so many helpful tips that really make these look like custom built ins. Time to redo most of them! This looks amazing, Carrie! I love how it turned out. Carrie, these look amazing! I love seeing the progression these went through. Maybe I missed it, but did you paint over the spackling after you filled the holes? I need to do that to my bookshelves too. Thanks Meredith! Good question — I did not paint over the spackling. What a great, instructional post!

Thank you for sharing your built in bookcases with us. I loved that you included the beginning and the middle and the end result, all three phases in one. How I wish I had the energy to do this one. Keep up the wonderful hints and instructions. Unrelated, we love the rug in that room. Thank you! I love books… I always thought of making my own bookshelf at home!! Good question! I am not an HVAC expert by any stretch but I would imagine you could put an attractive vent in the wood enclosing the top portion so the air could still circulate into the room.

Or it might work even better to insert some cutout panels similar to what they used to used for radiator covers.

How to Build Bookshelf with Adjustable ogynafegoc.ga4

They come in really pretty patterns and can be painted to blend in with the wall. Erica, great question. I actually debated about this. I need this tutorial. I am going to try this. Great detailed instructions. Your email address will not be published.